What are Pan Head Screws and How Are They Used?

What are Pan Head Screws and How Are They Used?

Screws and fasteners are small-sized hardware tools that are used to hold or fasten two materials together with firmness. Unlike nails, screws are designed in a way so that they can be easily removed or replaced without damaging the materials they connect or themselves in the process. These are installed with particular types of screw drivers depending upon their shapes, sizes, threads, and slots. Screws available in the market differ from each other on the basis of head shape, head type, application, and threading. This blog will discuss about pan head screws and how are they used in differing purposes.

What is a Pan Head Machine Screw?

Pan Head machine screw is a kind of screw that is used to affix varied parts and components of machines together. These types of machine screws have flattened heads with rounded sides. It somewhat looks like an inverted frying pan. In appearance, one can compare them with oval-head machine screws, which unlike pan-head screws have rounded top and tapered bases.

Where and How are Pan Head Screws Used?

Both Pan Head screws and Oval Head machine screws are mostly used for metal applications including guard rails or steel framing for walls. Pan Head screws can be constructed in varying shapes, sizes, and lengths with different styles of threading. Apart from fixing metallic components, Pan Head screws are also used for woodworking. This screw comes with Phillips or crosshead slots, and sometimes with other varieties of slots depending upon the application.

A unique feature that often accompanies Pan Head screws is its vented construction with a bored core that runs through the center of the screw. It is used for machines that need to evacuate excess gas.

Several industrial settings and equipment require the use of Pan Head screws (of which their components are held together), and one of them is electro-hydraulic servo valves that control hydraulic fluids in a wide array of industrial machinery. In automobiles, Pan Head screws are used to attach external components such as headlights or license plates.

Depending upon the applications pan head machine screw that include purposes like wall-hangings, attaching computer components, Pan Head screws are available in differing sizes, threading, and width.

As a customer, it is important to consider few points like weight and strength ratings, apt size, threading, and proper replacement process before choosing the exacting pan head screw for a given application.

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